let's eat for change

let's eat for change

organic certification

The organic stamp of approval.

At Ceres Organics, we are proud to say that our products carry ‘the organic stamp of approval’ from some of the most highly regarded certifying organisations in the world. It all starts from the soil and the source, we only work with trusted growing partners including organic farms, growers and manufacturers that are certified organic to worldwide leading standards such as the Europe union organic logo in Europe, the JAS organic seal in Japan, the USDA organic label in America, and similarly in other countries where we source products from.

In New Zealand, our certifier of choice is BioGro.

On every Ceres Organics product, you will see the BioGro logo with our certification number (#4310). This is your assurance that our products have been certified organic in accordance with BioGro standard regulations, set in accordance with worldwide leading standards.

We take pride in working with reputable farmers to bring you legitimately certified organic products. If something is certified organic then it will have a certification mark to prove it. If not, its not the real deal!

Lets take our nut butters as an example. From farm to plate, every step of the production chain is certified according to worldwide organic standards.


Our organic nut butter journey starts with environmentally conscious farmers who prioritize sustainable and organic farming including banning the use of over 700 harmful chemicals or pesticides across all stages of production and harvesting.


Our farmers use careful harvesting techniques to pick the nuts and seeds used in our nut butters. Gentle harvesting methods protect the soil and also helps retain natural flavour, texture, and nutrition.


To be a certified organic nut grower our growers remove any field matter, de-husk or shell the nuts and carefully pack them into bags which are sealed and start their journey to Ceres Organics.


The nuts arrive at Ceres Organics and are lovingly stirred and blended into nut butter and packaged in a glass jar. Our warehouse and processing facilities are Certified Organic facilities and are registered MPI biosecurity facilities which means they act as a biosecurity border for New Zealand.


After production our nut butters sit in our 5 star eco rated distribution centre awaiting their journey to shelf or direct to you. Our unwavering commitment to being Certified Organic means that we guarantee quality, fair trade, and social & environmental responsibility from farm to you.
It’s a big process, and requires a lot of work and yearly inspections but it’s our only way to assure you the product you and your families are eating is safe, ethical and tastes exactly as nature intended.