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fresh tomatoes
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Organically grown tomatoes are vine-ripened under the Italian sun, allowing their full, rich flavour to develop. Nature left to do what it does best. They’re then peeled, chopped and packed with tomato juice.

bpa free
low fat
all organic
dairy free
no added sugar
vine ripened
Italian grown

It really is amazing the collective good we can do one organic bite at a time. So join us, and together, let’s eat for change.

Our planet & well being promise to you

Caring for you

We believe every bite we each take can make for a better tomorrow.

By choosing Organic food, we can create positive change in the world.

Our food is grown and harvested in its most natural state, through organic farming practices that are free from chemical residues, minimally processed and prioritise nutrient rich soils and biodiversity, resulting in food full of organic nutrients, flavour and tasting like real food should.

> 700

harmful chemicals and additives banned across all products

Caring for our community

Our purpose is to bring healing to earth and humankind.

This will only be achieved through the collective support of our growers, suppliers, employees, customers and everyone involved in our venture working together to make meaningful impact.

We work closely with our growers and suppliers to ensure they adhere to our high ethical standards, such as safe working environments, fair labour, human rights, and ensuring social and environmental sustainability.


of our products are certified organic, natrue certified or in conversion to organic.

Caring for our Earth

Organics is one of the most powerful forms of climate action!

Conventional agricultural systems are the second largest contributor to climate change globally and the largest in New Zealand.

Organic farming reduces greenhouse gas emissions through using renewable resources, preserving soil health and biodiversity,  and promoting carbon sequestration, which allows carbon back into the soil where it belongs.


less emissions with organic agriculture vs conventional food.

Creating lasting impact

As a social enterprise, we aim to create positive societal change.

This means that, unlike traditional business, we prioritise positive social and environmental outcomes over profit generation to support the well-being of everyone involved in our venture now and for future generations.

Small steps together can create positive change in the world and our communities. Whether it’s donating time through our employee positive impact programme or making organics a little more accessible, we believe that together is the only way to create positive impact in our communities.

> 165

positive impact days volunteered to create impact to personal, community, social & environmental causes.

support our community

meet our growers

We support over 100 food producers and 1000's of growers.

Our growers are an essential part of our venture, each contributing their land, community and livelihoods to farm organically. By choosing organic and supporting our growers, you are contributing to a more sustainable future. Let's eat for change.


miso glazed eggplants with peanut coconut sauce

Love eggplant? Then you must try this savoury Miso Glazed Eggplants with Peanut Coconut Sauce. The miso adds a deep, umami rich flavour that compliments the sticky peanut sauce. Best served with, rice and a cucumber salad.

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the ingredients you’ll need add all to basket

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