let's eat for change

let's eat for change

our sourcing philosophy

Mother Nature has a perfect design.

We believe that when Mother Nature gives us delicious ingredients there’s really no reason to meddle with it.

At Ceres Organics, our concern is for the planet as a whole. That’s why we source our ingredients from where they are grown and made best, using local and renewable resources and in a way that works with nature and not against it.

Take our quinoa, for example, a natural South American speciality that thousands of people’s livelihoods depend on. It’s a crop that grows in harmony with its local Andean ecosystem. Even 5000 years ago in the Peruvian mountain tops, quinoa managed to grow when not much else did. Unlike non-organic, conventional crops, which demand more resources and chemical supplies, native crops adapt much better to their local environment.

Nature worked out the best way for things to grow sustainably in their natural environments. This is why we source our organic ingredients from their natural home, from the places that grow and make them best.

Created in New Zealand, sourced from where our food naturally grows best.

We source locally wherever possible and have been working hard over many years to build up the supply of New Zealand made products however many of our much loved products cannot be grown sustainably in New Zealand.

This is why, when you pick our products, you will notice they are sourced from all over the world.

We source our vine-ripened tomatoes from sunny Italy, our rice crackers are made from brown rice cultivated in Thai rice paddies. Our Apple Cider Vinegar comes from a local Rangiora family and our Sauerkraut from our expert German growers. Our Miso is created with our Japanese maestros and so on.

We carefully inspect every part of the supply chain, from the farms where our ingredients are grown, to how our growers support their local communities, to the packing and processing facilities right through to the sustainability of freight and shipping paths and finally to you.

growing food where it grows best