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Ceres Organics

Organic Coconut Aminos Seasoning - 250ml

Organic Coconut Aminos Seasoning - 250ml

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At Ceres Organics we like to keep things pure and wholesome. So our Coconut Aminos Seasoning is made from the sap of organic coconut flowers, naturally fermented with organic herbs and spices to produce a natural ‘umami’ flavour. It’s straight up goodness! It makes a nutritious, paleo friendly alternative to soy sauce for use in dressings and marinades, or as a simple dipping sauce.

Dietary: Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Plant Based, Egg Free Recipe, Nut Free Recipe, Dairy Free Recipe, Keto, Lactose Free

Values: Certified Organic, Fair Trade, B Corp Certified Brand, GE Free Inputs

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certified-organic Certified Organic
gluten-free Gluten Free
vegan Vegan

ingredients and allergens

ingredients: Coconut Vinegar* 81%, Coconut Syrup* 15%, Salt, Onion Powder*, Garlic Powder*, Cayenne Powder* (*Certified Organic)

product information

item code: 12463
size: 250ml
storage: Store ambient.
origin: Product of Philippines, packed in NZ
brand: Ceres Organics

nutritional information

serving size: 5ml (50 servings per pack)

NutritionAverage Per ServeAverage Per 100g
Energy (kJ)39777
Protein (g)0LESS THAN 1.0
- gluten (g)not detectednot detected
Fat, total (g)0LESS THAN 1.0
- saturated (g)0LESS THAN 1.0
- trans (g)0.00.0
Carbohydrate (g)2.345.8
- sugars (g)2.345.8
Dietary Fibre (g)00
Sodium (mg)541070

Note: Product and Nutrition information may change from time to time. Please refer to the actual pack label for the most accurate data.

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